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Entrance Door Configurations

Many character homes don't just have a single entrance door - they might have a door with a fixed side lite or a small window (fan lite) over. This Go to Guide shows the different options that you can have. We have also put minimum and maximum dimensions so that you can see which configurations work for you. ...read more

Gates & Fence Products

We have a wide selection of craftsman made gates and fence components. This brochure lists the products that we have and some packages so that you get everything that you need. ...read more

Painting guidelines

Whether your timber product is a door or an architrave, inside or out, it will need to be protect from the elements by painting (or staining). Follow these guidelines and you will have a beautifully finished product that will last for many years. ...read more

Pre-hang specifications and codes

We have standard codes for interior and exterior pre-hung doors. This makes it easier for you to select the door that you want and the frame that you want to hang it in.
Please note that the pre-hang codes do not include the door! ...read more

What’s included in my joinery quote?

Bungalow & Villa manufacture quality timber joinery for all types of character home. Your quote will include as much as
possible so that you don’t have the shock of hidden extras. ...read more