Useful Information

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm | Public Holidays Closed

Accepted Payments

Eftpos, Credit Cards (excl Amex & Diners) Internet Banking

Credit Accounts

We offer trade credit accounts to Trade Customers and Merchants. Credit account application forms can be supplied upon request.

Displays / Showroom

Our Rotorua Sales Centre has a wide range of display products, including switches, balustrades, finials and fretwork.

Product Availability

We have a wide range of products in stock, however, we recommend customers always confirm availability and/or lead times at time of order.

Special Orders

For special orders we require a 50% deposit at the time of order and payment at the time of collection or prior to delivery.


Many of our products are large and bulky. We encourage customers to take advantage of our competitively priced delivery service.

Freight & Couriers

Our prices do not include Freight (or Delivery), however, we will be happy to provide you with a competitive quote.

Cancellations & Returns

We understand that sometimes you may need to cancel an order or return products. Our cancellation credit and claims returns Procedure is detailed below:

Bungalow and Villa endeavours to ensure all consignments despatched reach you in full, on time and in the best possible condition, however, on some occasions this does not happen. We are therefore trying to improve the way claims for freight damage and credits are handled.

To do this successfully we need your help.

Please ensure your inwards good team thoroughly inspect the delivery of product for any damage before signing the consignment note.

If damage is discovered sign the freight contractor’s consignment note as ‘DAMAGED’ (please do not make any further notation of any kind on the consignment note, as this may void any claim).

Following that, please notify us. Either email: or call our office toll free on 0800 428 642 as soon as possible.

Please note claims of this nature cannot be accepted for consideration more than seven days following delivery.

When you have made contact with us we will organise to the damaged sighted by one of our team.

Please have items ready as soon as possible, so once sighted we can arrange for the consignment to be collected. If you would like a replacement product, we will action this as soon as possible.

We understand that not all damage is visible immediately and can only be seen when goods are unpacked. If this is the case, please notify us immediately. Please bear in mind that unless we are notified of concealed damage within 48 hours of delivery, a credit will not be possible.

In the event your order has been short supplied, a product has been sent incorrectly or there is a pricing error, we ask that you notify our Customer Service Team or your representative as soon as possible.

For any Claim, if you have the ability to photograph the issues and forward the image to us, it would be greatly appreciated. However, we still require product returns to be sighted by one of our team before they are returned for credit.

To ensure the credit is processed in a timely manner, please quote the Bungalow & Villa invoice number on all correspondence.

It is important to note that goods disposed of will not be credited if not first sighted and authorised by a representative of Bungalow and Villa.

The Team at Bungalow & Villa is working closely with our freight contractors to ensure our products are delivered to you in the best possible condition – so we really appreciate your continued co-operation.


We aim to ensure that all product information and specifications within this guide are correct and accurate at the time of print production. However, there are times when specifications change. We recommend you confirm all product details at time of order.

Care of timber products

Timber is a natural product, which is not only attractive but extremely versatile to work with. It’s no surprise that despite many other materials being available, timber remains popular. By following some basic guidelines and ongoing care, timber joinery, mouldings, turnings and other renovation products will provide many years of faithful service.

Intended Use

It is important the renovation product you are purchasing is suitable for the intended end use. Please ask our sales personnel for advice before placing your order if you are unsure about the best product for your particular application.

Site Storage

Mouldings, turnings and other timber renovation products

All mouldings and timber products should always be stored in a dry, ventilated environment away from direct sunlight. Mouldings should also be stored off the ground on a level surface.

Priming / Sealing

Exterior Joinery – For all exterior joinery, we recommend purchasing products that have been factory primed/sealed. Use only premium quality oil –based alkyd primers and sealers. Within four weeks of receiving your joinery, you will need to apply a minimum of two successive coats (preferably oil-based enamel) to all primed surfaces, paying special attention to all ‘end grain’ surfaces. (These are usually the tops and bottoms of doors & window sashes). End grain areas are where a large percentage of moisture uptake occurs and can cause the most common problems e.g. Swelling, Shrinkage and joint failure.

Mouldings, Turnings & Other Timber Renovations Products –For all mouldings, turnings and other timber products, prime or seal all six surfaces of the product immediately upon reaching site.

Then continue with the procedures outlined above for exterior joinery products. All cuts should be sealed prior to installation.

For LOSP treated products that are for exterior use, Cuts will need an application of a timber preservative such as ‘metelex’.

Stain Quality Products

The aforementioned guidelines should also be followed for stain quality products.

Exterior wood stains permeate the surface and work primarily by shedding liquid water from a water repellent surface. As a result, they perform best on vertical surfaces. When used on near horizontal surfaces they can be less effective and have a shorter life.

Timber Treatments

For exterior use, softwoods such as Radiata Pine require treatment with a preservative. Furthermore, different applications require different levels of treatment. All products that include ‘T’ within the code’s suffix are treated.

LOSP H3.1 Treated products will only accept an oil based alkyd primer. Acrylic based primers will not fully adhere to the solvent-based LOSP treatment. Successive. Top coats may be acrylic or water based paints.

If you are unsure of the treatment value of your product, please ask us prior to priming.


All bungalow and Villa Products require installation by suitably qualified personnel. Incorrect installation will result in a disappointing and poor performance, together with an overall shortened life expectance of the product.